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About New Horizon Technology


Technology is the key to enhancing member cooperatives' service and competitiveness in the market. Advances in automation and information technologies, distribution operations, marketing and energy services, and  power supply technologies are empowering our member cooperatives to do things they did not dream of doing just five years ago.
Four technology strategies establish the approach that New Horizon pursues to bring solutions to member cooperatives; Technology Surveillance, Technology Education, Technology Investment, and Technology Partnership.


Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA)
SCADA A system that monitors electrical equipment and extracts key data that can be used for operations, planning, and maintenance of the electrical infrastructure, as well as other vital business functions. 


Communication Design and specifications, implementation, contracts, and maintenance; communication categories include for the network, for SCADA, for Dynamic Scheduling, and AMR Systems.

Network Services
Metering Such as WAN/LAN administration, network monitoring, network design, and network security.

Metering All functions relating to gathering of meter data, whether real-time or load profile, including all field operations.


Member Services
Member Services Perhaps the most important and long-lasting "service" we provide comes from the fact that we are the electric cooperative!  We provide the "Owner's Perspective" to our members and have the capability to evaluate emerging technologies from our member/owners point of view. Two examples of this is our ongoing Disaster Recovery Assistance.


  Disaster Recovery
Dynamic SchedulingA disaster recovery plan is essential to protect the well being of the Cooperative's service system. This cannot be over emphasized... New Horizon is here to assist its member cooperatives in developing a dependable disaster plan including risk analysis and training.



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